Risk Mitigation Safety & Regulatory

Safety & Regulatory Overview

Employee safety is a critical factor in the success of any organization. We understand the necessity of an effective safety program, and we work directly with you to provide the necessary support to establish an effective program. We have the expertise to provide our clients with studies and analysis, development of plant-wide procedures and training programs, and safety/compliance reviews, and monitoring. Our programs and services are created to save lives and improve bottom lines.

Process Safety Management

By providing a holistic approach to Process Safety Management, we provide our clients with the services necessary to set up and maintain an up-to-date and compliant process.

Our specialties:
Process Safety Information
Process Hazard Analysis
Operation Procedures
Mechanical Integrity
Management of Change

Arc Flash

Through compliance and protection studies, as well as training and certification, we'll work with you to reduce both the probability and effect of an Arc Flash occurrence at your respective locations.

Our specialties:
Hazard Analysis
Arc Flash Hazard Labeling
Short Circuit and Coordination Studies

Fall Protection

We use an Industry Standard methodology known as Fall Hazard Elimination (FHE) to manage the risks and control the losses that result from falls in the workplace.

Our specialties:
Hazard Analysis, Inspection, Design, & Certification

OHSA/MSHA Compliance

We work with our clients to ensure OSHA/MSHA Compliance through safety training, hazard communication training, third-party safety evaluations, accident investigations, compliance audits, etc. …

Our specialties:
Procedure Development

Site Safety Management

Through construction safety monitoring, procedure development, and training, Orbital provides the necessary services to reduce the potential risk of accidents and ensure compliance.

Our specialties:
Construction Safety Monitoring
Procedure Development
Workplace Safety

Environmental Compliance

Working with you, we apply our technical expertise and years of field experience, to evaluate all compliance options, develop cost estimates, and recommend the most feasible solutions to compliance.

Our specialties:
Water, Wastewater, and Groundwater
Solid Waste