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Corrective Engineering & Repairs

Our 40 years of corrective engineering and repairs experience has enabled us to develop Standard Repair Procedures to cover the majority of the typical deficiencies encountered in industrial structures. We also have the experience and multi-discipline engineering staff to complete complex engineered repairs. Orbital can manage the completion of repairs, including the development of a bid packages, procurement of the contractor, field supervision of repairs, and repair validation and tracking. Our resources mobilize quickly, enabling us to provide immediate response to plant emergencies and safety concerns with little or no downtime.

Areas of expertise:
  • Standard Repair Procedures
  • Management of Repairs
  • Detailed Engineering Design of Repairs

Our sample projects include:
  • preparation of repair details for two damaged bumpers on crane runway
  • critical structure inspection and structural repairs
  • highline maintenance track inspection and repair
  • evaluation and repair design for conveyor support bent at steel plant


Orbital Engineering provides the full-service Engineering, Risk Mitigation, and Project Delivery experience and expertise of a large company - but with the flexibility, responsiveness, economy, and personal attention of a local entity.

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