Mechanical Materials Handling

Materials Handling & Processing

Orbital is able to provide a range of Engineering and design services to meet our customers' Material Handling applications. Our years of engineering experience and bulk material handling knowledge enable us able to evaluate project requirements and provide the best solutions. Our material handling projects range from the design and implementation of new facilities to upgrades/modifications to existing material handling systems.

Areas of expertise:
  • Bulk
  • Pneumatic
  • Slurry Piping
  • Materials Transport

Our services include:
  • Bulk Material Handling, Loading/Unloading Systems
  • Dust Collection Systems, Scrubbers, Bag Houses, Precipitators and Ductwork
  • Material Processing (Crushing, Screening, Mixing, Thermal Processing)
  • Material Storage and Reclaim
  • Weighing, Packaging and Feeding Systems
  • Automation and Systems Integration
  • Process Evaluation and System Design
  • Equipment Inspections and Site Surveys
  • Equipment Specification and Layout Design

Our sample projects include:
  • dust collection / mitigation studies
  • stockpile runoff management and treatment
  • unit train loadout system
  • tripper conveyor storage and reclaim system
  • fines collection, transport, storage, and barge loadout facility layout
  • NFPA blast proofing baghouse upgrades
  • coal, lime, and gypsum handling system risk-based equipment assessments


Orbital Engineering provides the full-service Engineering, Risk Mitigation, and Project Delivery experience and expertise of a large company - but with the flexibility, responsiveness, economy, and personal attention of a local entity.

Risk Mitigation
Project Delivery