Markets Overview

Markets Overview

Orbital Engineering has completed over 20,000 successful projects across numerous industries.

Mining & Metals

Since 1970, we have specialized in both the Mining and Metals industries. While we have expanded into multiple markets, we continue to excel in providing engineering, risk mitigation, and project delivery services to both the Mining and Metals industries.

Our specialties:
   Iron Ore



Orbital has provided project expertise to the pipeline and terminals, shale gas, refining, and utilities industries.

Our specialties:
Oil & Gas
   Pipeline & Terminals
   Shale Gas


Utilities & Power Generation

Chemical & Manufacturing

We have the experience to service both the chemical and general manufacturing industries.

Our specialties:
Chemicals & Plastic

General Manufactruing
   Building Materials
   Food & Pharmaceuticals


We have the expertise to provide services to both the private and public sectors.

Our specialties:
Private Sector

Public Sector
   Ports & Marinas