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Mining & Metals

While we have expanded our services to cover multiple markets, Orbital continues to provide specialized engineering, risk mitigation, and project delivery services to both the Mining and Metals industries.


Our Multi-Discipline Engineering Team provides expertise in material handling, mechanical, process, civil/structural, environmental, electrical, and automation design. We have the expertise to service the coal, limestone, iron ore, sand, aggregates and salt mining industries. As a company, we have successfully designed complete material handling and process systems, including crushing, screening, conveying, storage, reclaim, process, loadouts, dust collection, …  Our extensive experience with managing surface water runoff and waste disposal activities includes stormwater management design, sediment/erosion control plans, wastewater treatment, tailings impoundment design, landfill design/permitting, and pond remediation/closure. 

In addition providing multi-discipline engineering services to clients in the mining industry, we have a long history of providing both asset integrity and safety and regulatory services, including structural inspections, mechanical equipment inspections, silo inspections, piping inspections, impoundment inspections, shoreline and dock inspections, ARC Flash studies, and fall protection design services. 

We specialize in:
  • Coal
  • Iron Ore
  • Aggregates

Our projects include:
  • Process Water Piping Replacement
  • Special Application Lifting Device Design
  • FGD Unit Train Load-Out Detailed Engineering
  • Run of Mine Fines Handling and Barge Load-Out Facility Conceptual Design
  • Dust Chamber Installation, Construction, & Maintenance
  • Semi-Portable Alternative Fuel System


Since 1970, we have provided full service engineering, risk mitigation, and project delivery services to the metals industry. We have the expertise to service fully integrated and specialty metals facilities, including various steel products, aluminum, brass, and other ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Orbital’s engineers and technicians can be found in metals facilities on a daily basis performing inspections, repair engineering, safety engineering, retrofit installations, facility modifications, and green field projects to help some of the world’s oldest manufacturing facilities operate more safely and efficiently.

Over the years, our expertise in metals facilities includes nearly all aspects of ferrous and non-ferrous metals production and the supporting infrastructure, including bulk material handling, structural reinforcements, equipment installations, electrical infrastructure upgrades, cranes and lifting devices, and plant utilities. We also provide ongoing risk mitigation services at a number of facilities,including structural inspection and repair programs, crane and lifting device inspections, plant-wide fall protection solutions, tank and SPCC program management, mechanical equipment inspections, and arc flash studies.

We specialize in:
  • Ferrous
  • Non-Ferrous

Our projects include:
  • Pig Caster Facility Design
  • Ladle Turret Repairs & Life Extension
  • Gas Main Rerouting and Replacement
  • Steel Production Pilot Plant Design
  • Pickle Line Sheet Thickness Sensor
  • COGAS Main Retrofit


Orbital Engineering provides the full-service Engineering, Risk Mitigation, and Project Delivery experience and expertise of a large company - but with the flexibility, responsiveness, economy, and personal attention of a local entity.

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