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Houston Ship Channel – Tank Farm Expansion

Orbital worked closely with a Midstream oil and gas client on the Houston Ship Channel who purchased and prepared a site for additional receipt, storage and distribution of gasoline and other products. The $200MM TIC project included the design and installation of twelve (12) 150,000 BBL storage tanks, one (1) 15,000 BBL transmix tank, six (6) transfer pumps with a combined max capacity of 55,000 BPH, one (1) blending pump, two (2) stripping pumps and two (2) sump pumps. The product is moved through the facility by use of a 200’x50’x25’ deep outbound manifold pit and a 175’x50’ inbound wing manifold with most product pumps centrally located on a 60’x60’ pump pad.

Civil site work including berms, drainage and roadways for the entire tank facility were designed and prepared as well as all tank vapor collection, tank facility fire protection and tank foam distribution systems. Plant 3D was utilized for modeling the facility and allowed for quick production of project piping orthographic and isometric drawings. In total, 85 piping plan drawings, 165 piping elevation drawings and 834 piping isometric drawings were provided for this effort. Orbital was also asked to revise and further maintain intelligent project P&ID’s which were developed using Plant 3D.

Several project areas required additional effort and scrutiny including tank settlement of the large storage tanks due to the poor soil conditions along the Houston Ship Channel. To address this concern, Caesar II was utilized to analyze the piping layout and provide verification that sufficient pipe flexibility was designed in to account for the potential tank settlement determined by soil borings. In this case the tanks are expected to settle 2” throughout their lifetime which made the 24” diameter pipe lengths aboveground much longer than would otherwise be required to provide the flexibility needed.