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Refinery Project – Water Wash System

Orbital was retained by a midwest refinery to assist in the installation of a water wash system for their FCUs. The objective of the system was to reduce condenser fouling and minimize downstream material loss via hydrogen blistering.

The injected water was sourced from water that was treated and targeted for discharge to the sewer. Water recycling was used at the separator to minimize make-up water. The separator size was increased for the new combined flow. The water injection points needed to be located for balanced flow so that no one condenser was starved or saturated.

Orbital digitally scanned the structure to obtain digital cloud data on the piping, vessels and structure. This information was imported into our 3D modeling software where piping and equipment coordinates were set.

CFD was used to ascertain flow characteristics and locate areas where flow separation or mis-matched flow occurred. Injection points were selected to best fit a balanced flow distribution. This was an integrated project involving various subject matter experts from the client and other third parties. Safety reviews included ISD (Inherently Safer Design), Management of Change (MOC) and Process Hazard Analysis (PHA).